February 4th 2012

Can anyone give me any advice of getting rid of sugar ants and fire ants in my home?

I have spread poison around my house and put little poison traps where they are suspected of coming in. they are getting worse and worse. no matter what i do, i can’t get rid of them. i have pets that are sensitive to strong poisonings. i was not to happy when i put poison outside, but i was desperate. i am on a strict budget and i’m trying to save money, but my only option now is terminiex. can someone please give me some good ideas. serious answers only please.
i own 2 tarantulas and seven rats. two of the rats are old men and feeling their age. i don’t want something to kill any of my animals. my tarantulas would be more susceptible to the poison. if i do get a professional, my tarantulas would have to live somewhere else for a while. i live in a rural area and they are pretty bad. right now i am using clorox bleach on my counters. it does help a bit, but not enough. they are to the point of overwhelming us. we found some in our bed. it’s just a matter of time…..

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