Ant Control : How Do I Check for Carpenter Ants?

In order to check for carpenter ants, try to identify where the colony is living by following the ant trail as the sun is going down. Discover how carpenter ants will lead someone to their nest with advice from a certified pest control operator in this free video on ants.

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Carpenter Ants Closeup with Queen and Nurse Ants

Scout, worker, nurse and a female carpenter ants are filmed close up as they relocate a nest following heavy rain storms in Southeast region of the United States. Carpenter ants will many times get inside homes during this exodus and can cause damage if left untreated.

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What are laws about termites / termite damage when you are a renter at an apartment complex?

Over 2 months ago I came home to a swarm of termites in my apartment. The owner is aware but has yet to treat or survery the paper thin walls in my apartment. Not to mention now I have wood ants coming out of just about every crack in every wall and the drain in my tub/sink. I have told her not once but twice that something needs to be done and nothing yet. How long do I wait?

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A Fire Ant Bite

Hello, well I was just outside a few minutes ago digging. a type of ant, I think its a fire ant, crawled on my hand. I’m not sure if it stung me or not. There’s no red marks and I didn’t feel any stinging. please help! It just came up and crawled on my arm. Can it just crawl or does it have to sting me. lol sorry I’ve never been stung before.

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