2 lawn sprinkler heads next to fire ant mounds, tho open, don’t work even after killing the ants. How fix?

The sprinkler heads are clean & aren’t filled with dirt . I can blow through them but water doesn’t come through. Do Fire ants get down deep into & stop up the pipes? I am partially handicapped and can’t do much digging. Is there another way to solve the problem and get the sprinklers working again?

How do I make sure termites will stay away from my wooden outdoor table I am refurbishing?

I am trying to convert an old cable reel (think super big thread holder) Anyway it is solid wood and I am staining, then varnishing the whole thing and tiling the top. Any way to keep termites from getting to it? There is no way i can get to the middle which is solid wood as well. Any ideas on how to keep it safe from the elements I would appreciate. Thanks!