I came home today to find a dozen carpenter ants and hundreds of larvae underneath everything in my apartment.?

Only saw a few ants, but I’ve killed hundreds of larvae. They don’t seem to be near food, just underneath stuff, especially paper. They seem to appear out of nowhere as well. I don’t know if it is fly larvae and the ants were eating it or if it is the carpenter ant larvae. If it’s the carpenter ant larvae, why are they on my floor? why not in their nest? Help please. Thanks.

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Carpenter Ants Control in Barberton, Oh

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about getting rid of carpenter ants with a bait that is nontoxic to pets

I have determined that what I am dealing with is in fact carpenter ants. I live in a heavy forested area, and do believe the main colony is out "there". I have a pretty good idea where to start with baits, but need some ideas on nontoxic solutions? I have 2 dogs, the neighborhood has other dogs that come roaming from time to time, and of course other wildlife that I do not want harmed. Ideas?

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What’s the best way to protect my home from termites?

I heard there was a ‘termite’ mesh that could be added to the exterior. I also know about not having water or plants with in a few feet of my home. I want to make sure my home is going to last for along time. I live in an area that has formosa termites. What are my options (least expensive to most expensive).

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