How can I take plant cuttings when I move without taking the fire ants . I’m a very green/organic gardener.

I have treasured plants brought from the family home I sold a year ago. The plants have been thriving in the yard of the rent house I moved to but I discovered fire-ants all around. I want to take cuttings from when I move soon. . Any green ideas for organic gardening ?

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Termite Control : Signs That a Home Has Termites

Signs of termite damage include bubbling between the paper and paint on sheet rock. Learn how to detect the hollowing out or honeycombing of baseboards with information from a pest control specialist in this free video on termite control. Expert: Tyler Royce Contact: Bio: Tyler Royce is the owner of TNT Pest Control, located in Saratoga Springs, Utah. TNT Pest Control has been in business since 2000, and they have three locations. Filmmaker: Michael Burton

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Fire Ants – Heathers (Cover)

Sorry for the delay! I’ve been a slave to organic chemistry for the past 8 weeks 🙁 But huzzah I am here and alive! These girls are SUPER talented. Check ’em out: Fire Ants – Heathers

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