How do I get rid of carpenter ants?

About a year ago I had to have a huge honey locust tree removed from my back yard because the main trunk was cracking and would eventually fall on my house. This spring I have been invaded with carpenter ants that were infesting the tree to start with. Because of health issues, pesticides are not a great alternative. Also, how do I find the "nest" to get rid of the your ants as well as the adults? Thank you.

Fire Ants versus Argentine Ants

Ecologist Dr. David Holway of UC San DIego travels to Isla del Cerrito, in northern Argentina – the native range of the two most problematic, invasive ant species in the US – to look for clues to why they become such pests. He studies interactions between red imported fire ants and Argentine ants to understand how the ecosystems in which they evolved contribute to their success as invaders.

How to get rid of carpenter ants?

the vacant property next to our house has a colony of carpenter ants that are making their way onto and into my property.
I really dont want to kill them but they are in the house and I have a baby to think about. Any suggestions that won’t hurt the squirrels or other small animals in the neighborhood?
Just found from a woman who has lived on my block forever, the property next door used to have a tree exactly where the nest is now, so Im guessing there is a stump under there I cant see.

Subterranean Termite Nursery – Babies – HomeGuard

This is a video in a series of termite videos from HomeGuard Distributors. More to come. This video is of the contents of a HomeGuard Termite Monitor that one of our Termite Techs brought in to me last week. (April 2008) When we opened it, it had thousands of eggs and juvenile termites in it, along with Workers, Soldiers, and Reproductives. It looked like the termites set up a “Nursery” inside our termite monitor, as they subcolonized it. So here is a close-up look at some juvenile termites interacting with other mature termites. For more information on these termite monitors or the new Truth Termite Bait, please go to