A Bad Termite Infestation

homeinspectioncarolina.com Charlotte home inspector Patrick Waddell was inspecting a house in the University area of Charlotte when he ran across one of the worst termite investations we have seen in a long time. There were active termites and termite damage in just about every wall of the house. Termites come from the ground and have to return to the ground for moisture. A lot of the termites in this house had already eaten the base boards and had gone up the walls. Patrick will show you in this video one place where the termites had even eaten the back of a picture. Fortunately we don’t see a termite infestation this bad very often. If you see anything like this in your house please call home inspection Carolina right away. (704) 542-6575. Other telltale signs of termites include mud tubes or mud in wood where it shouldn’t be. Ants with wings that swarm in the spring or a collection of wings around a window. For more information about termites, termite inspections or home inspections, home inspection Carolina at http or www.askthecharlotteinspector.com