Survey: When the supervisor ants are lazy, how is one supposed to get carpenter ants to work?

I got them schooled. They have their certificates. I bought a small colony of supervisor ants from the same guy I got the colony of carpenter ants from, cuz he seemed trustworthy.
The supervisor ants just sit in their offices, munching on chocolate donuts and sipping drops of super sweet coffee, chatting on the phone, and looking at PLAYANT magazines…while the carpenter ants wander aimlessly over my garage!!!

Bitten by venomous fire ants – Tough Guy or Chicken – BBC

Having sacrificed a snake to obtain its secrets the five adventurers must go through a trial-by-pain to atone for its death. They must scale a tree swarming with fire ants and allow themselves to be bitten. A challenge not for the faint-hearted as the ants have a an acidic venom which can be fatal. BBC adventure series Tough Guy or Chicken? Watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Worldwide YouTube channel here:

Termite Explosion! 720p HD Spring Emergence

Every spring, colonies of subterrainian termites grow and release thousands of winged adults on a single day. As if on a tight schedule, massive numbers of these bugs break out of their underground nests and burst into the air in just a few minutes. The sheer numbers of this emergence are intended to overwhelm the hungry, waiting predators. These bugs are on the menu of many creatures, including birds, ants, dragonflies, lizards and many others. The adults take to the air using their temporary wings, in search of new places to colonize. After a breif flight, they land (or tire and fall to the ground!), shed their wings and search for a mate. The mated pair then begin their own colony. Changes in ground temperature following spring rains seem to trigger these events – usually a warm, sunny day following a period of wet weather. Near the end of the video, a colony of Argentine ants has discovered the “instant lunch” and tries to tackle and drag away as many of the termites as possible before they can fly away. In a few scenes, the white-ish orange worker termites can also be seen, “helping” or perhaps trying to provide some protection to the exiting winged adults. The music is “The Bass Voice v1”, an adlib, one-take piece from the “Solo” CD by Technician (yours truly). Full artist discography, MP3 downloads and CDs are available at the Technician website: Note This is copyrighted material, however, you may download this footage directly from YouTube and