Does Nutrasweet Sweetner really work for Carpenter ants? (Please answer)?

Hi, I read about how Nutrasweet sweetner works for carpenter ants (Inside the house), but I want to hear from you guys 🙂 so does it actually kill them? and do they actually take it and do they die? I really want to know, becasue the poisens really don’t work and we have a cat who is very curious. So does it actually work and is it effective?

Thank you for your time!

King of the House Home Inspection (Client Video) Carpenter Ants

A video slide show, produced by Steven L. Smith of King of the House Home Inspection in Bellingham, WA, discusses carpenter ant infestations. Did you know that carpenter ants do not eat wood — they are simply mining wood to build their own residence. The wood chewing insect is common in Bellingham, Whatcom County and all of Washington State. (Updated Dec 24, 2010 audio normalized)