Will carpenter ants eat a flag?

I just noticed what I think are carpenter ants buzzing about, they dont seem to be going for any wood, but this american flag that I think belonged to my granddad seems to have a few extra holes. Would the ants eat the flag or is it just my imagination?

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carpenter ants wont go away…even after treatment!!?

we had our home treated for carpenter ants about a month ago. they said the incidence of them would taper off in a few days. since then, we see about 2-3 a day…then today, we are seeing a SWARM of about 20-30 winged ones near the window where we treated. my husband said maybe we killed the queen (this morning) because we killed a HUGE one…but we really dont know anything about it at all. what is going on? where are they coming from?? do we need another treatment?

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