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Fire ants!!?

I got bit by a whole bunch of fire ants the other day and I put some anti-itch medicine on but it doesn’t seem to be working so well because it’s been itching constantly. I’ve also popped it 🙁 because it was really annoying and itchy but it seems to be itching even more around the area now. Does anybody know of any thing else I could use to stop the itching right away?
Well once the ant bites you dont feel it till it starts itching its almost like a mosquito where for a mosquito it bites u but u never see the bug and next thing u know u have a huge bump that ictches like crazy. Well thx for the suggestions to cure my itching problems.

Triple Invasion Ant Wars Rare! ! Leafcutter vs Black vs Fire Ants

Look how the ants defend their territory and fight against each otthe.

Black Ants defending their captured prey. On high ground are the leafcutter ants: the Black ants with their strong legs push away the Leafcutters. Down below are the attacking Red Ants, where the real duel is: Black ants decapitated, Fire ants on a long fall after being struck by the defending black ants foot. RARE TRIPLE INVASION VIDEO

fire ants are scooped into a new home

Fire ants float on the surface of water inside a bucket and are subsequently scooped into a clear plastic bin where they will be kept in a lab. Notice how the ants hang off the edge of the ladle used to scoop them up. Visit for more information and be sure to check out my other uploaded videos