Do Carpenter Ants Bite ?

If you mess around with carpenter ants, they will bite on contact.  However, they are not nearly as nasty as the stinging bite of the fire ants.  The carpenter ant bite is just a pinch and the ant does not inject your system with any toxins or acids.  In most cases the carpenter ant bite will not break the skin, and, if so, then basic first aid is all that is required.

Flordai carpenter ants, on the other hand, do bite and inject formic acid into the skin.  This causes itching and burning.  In this case, mix baking soda and water into a paste and spread it on the area.  This neutralizes the formic acid.

carpenter ant bites

Carpenter Ants 

Mostly seen in Florida, because of the warm temperature. The Florida carpenter ant is one of the many species that can bite and release a painful acid, called formic acid. This can cause harmful injuries to the eyes and burn the skin.

Behavior of Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are not aggressive but they can bite when handled. The carpenter ant workers are more active at night as well as during the summer, when the weather is hot. They often leave the colony in the late afternoon and search for food.

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