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Triple Invasion Ant Wars Rare! ! Leafcutter vs Black vs Fire Ants

Look how the ants defend their territory and fight against each otthe.

Black Ants defending their captured prey. On high ground are the leafcutter ants: the Black ants with their strong legs push away the Leafcutters. Down below are the attacking Red Ants, where the real duel is: Black ants decapitated, Fire ants on a long fall after being struck by the defending black ants foot. RARE TRIPLE INVASION VIDEO

Termite Control : How to Prevent Termites Naturally

The best way to prevent termites naturally is to keep an eye out for water damage or water leaks and get them fixed. Keep wood products away from the home to prevent termites with information from a pest control specialist in this free video on termite control. Expert: Tyler Royce Contact: www.utahpestcontrolservices.com Bio: Tyler Royce is the owner of TNT Pest Control, located in Saratoga Springs, Utah. TNT Pest Control has been in business since 2000, and they have three locations. Filmmaker: Michael Burton

Huge Fire Ants Mound ~

Fire ants are nasty little buggers. They sting or bite or something. Whatever it is, it hurts. SOmeone told me they are deadly. They have poison. I don’t like these little devils, are they from Satan. I also have footage of video from the destruction of another anthill, in high def. If you want to see the Hi-def, they come back later.

Do carpenter ants attack humans?

My house seems to be infested with something… It’s a black ant-like thing, that, of all the pictures I’ve seen on the internet, only look like carpenter ants. However, just this morning, one of these things attacked me. I woke up to a stinging in my leg as it tried to either dig or bite into my skin, Whatever it was doing caused it to get quite stuck in my skin. Dx I live in Maryland, and I’ve heard there aren’t any dangerous bugs here, but…what could it be? Quick answers will be much appreciated.