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Are Carpenter Ants good for soil?

I found what appears to be a carpenter ant nest about 40 feet from my house. I’m of the mind to take it out, but my wife says that they’re good for the soil and we should leave them alone? Which one of us is right?

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Look like giant carpenter ants?

but they fly…Size about that of the carpenter ant thinner and have long narrow wings….resemble that of a sst airplane but on a very small scale…..do they eat wood(specially if it is wet)…my question really is what type of ant are they…and what does it take to get rid of them…I live in central florida…

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Eliminating carpenter ants in sugar Maple tree?

I tried a liquid Ortho carpenter ant insecticide that was advertised as "kills on contact" but reading the small print one must deduce that living trees are absent from the ants’ menu. Powder insecticides appear to be the researched response. I would appreciate any suggestions re: a brand -name powdered insecticide and its application because the ones in Home Depot seem to have the consistency of baking flour which will "blow in the wind" = please no Ortho products

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