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What is the best spray for carpenter ants?

I just came home to notice that i apparently have carpenter ants and i am deathly allergic to bug spray and have a dog so i really would rather not try too many different kinds and if i call a pro i wont be able to live in my apartment for much longer. please help with any suggestions!

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How do I cut down dead tree full of carpenter ants without the ants going to my house?

The tree is in my back yard, about 20 yards from my house. It’s infested with carpenter ants, so how do I not only cut down the dead tree but kill the ants in the process so they don’t relocate to my house? Does it need a professional like Terminix? If so, how much would something like that cost?

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Home inspections in Chicago: signs of termite and ant treatments

Here are signs of termites and other damage during a home inspection.

Tom Corbett of Tomacor is a top-rated home inspector with decades of experience under his belt. He’s also a strong advocate for his clients (often at the expense of his relationships with real estate agents) and is one of the most vigilant and outspoken people we’ve met when it comes to home safety standards. In this segment from a wide-ranging discussion about home inspections, Tom shows home buyers how they can tell whether a property has been treated for termites or carpenter ants. Termite damage is much more common in the Chicago area than many buyers realize, Tom says, and can be enough for many buyers to cancel their purchase, or at least demand repairs.

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Carpenter Ants in our door???

So I saw one lonely black ant, but I’m terrified of ants, so I killed it…naturally. Well, I started looking for where he could have come from, but there was no ant trail or anything. I finally examined the door. There is a small gap going down our door (no, you can’t see outside, but I think it’s part of the frame I’m seeing) and there by the door knob area was movement. I found 3 more of those little suckers. I think they’re living in my door? But how is that possible? It’s a metal door. It is hollow, but I thought carpenter ants liked wood doors? You know the metal thing that goes around a door lock mechanism that sits on the actual door? Not the frame. It looks like ants were coming from behind that metal because the metal appears not to be wide enough to cover up the hole the guy made when installing new locks.

How do I kill these guys? Can I just get some spray and spray it into the door? I really hate ants.
It looks like this is their home. I just saw one more. Should I caulk it?
We found out also that several areas of our gutters are clogged, causing the water to spill over. We think that may be contributing to the carpenter ants.

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Will Amdro kill carpenter ants?

We were our of our house for several months due to damage from a tornado. When we got back, we noticed that we had what we think were carpenter ants. I admit that my knowledge of fauna is limited to really small animals, small animals, bigger animals, and even bigger animals. All that said, we believe that we had carpenter ants, and we saw them, mostly in the morning in the kitchen, but to some extent at all times of the day.

We also, at the same time, had an influx of fire ants, and used Amdro all through the yard to kill them. At about the same time, we noticed that the carpenter ants had also disappeared.

My question is whether the Amdro likely killed the carpenter ants also, or have they just gone dormant because we are in the winter months. We live in the South, so the nights are still around 40-60 degrees, and the days range from 70-90 degrees. In other words, do we still need an exterminator, or is the problem solved. We no longer see ants in the house.
Can you explain why the ants went from 10 or so each morning found in and around the kitchen to one or so a week, if even that?

Does it mean that they are dormant for winter—our mean temp is still well above 60—or what?

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Carpenter ants in my back yard?

I have a Trex deck along with a wood fence in my back yard. The Trex deck is close enough to the ground that there is no way to get underneath it. The last few weeks I have been seeing black ants (larger than sugar ants) crawling along the fence and sometimes on the deck. I am assuming they are carpenter ants? I cant see any type of ant hill or nest that they are going to. (There is a large, open field on the other side of the fence. ) I am worried they are eating the fence or the decking supports, and that they will make their way to my house. Since I cant see where they are coming from or going to, I have no idea what I can do to get rid of them. Any suggestions would be helpful. (Also, I own a dog so any poison ideas have to be safe for pets)

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Ants. Carpenter ants?

I keep seeing ants in my house, mostly in the living room on the wall toward the ceiling. I assume they’re coming in through the roof somehow? I don’t know if they’re carpenter ants or not, but I suspect. I’ve seen a few bigger ants in my house recently than these ones, but these aren’t the tiny ones. They’re probably about a quarter of an inch long, I think. They’re black. I put a granule around my house, and a little on the roof, and ever since I’ve seen 10-30 ants in my living room during a day’s time. I’ve been killing them, which they say not to do because of the pheromones. But I can’t help it. I feel like I need to stay on top of these ants so they don’t find something to eat in my house and stay forever. I’ve only seen singles wandering around until today when I saw about 6 ants all walking on the wall in a group. I killed them all and vacuumed up the bodies. I’ve only lived in this house since December, so I don’t know if ants were a problem before.

My question, what can I do? Is my house doomed? Somebody help me. I freaking hate ants. And I’m so sick of seeing them.

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Ant Control : How to Kill Large Red Ants

This is how to get rid of red fire ants from your property.

Many large red ants are actually either carpenter ants or termites. Either way, you can still find and kill them easily with help from an expert exterminator in this free video. Expert: Michael Piacenza Bio: Michael Piacenza, technician and K-9 handler, joined Advantage Pest Control in 2007 to expand upon his eco-friendly service offerings and initiate his K-9 termite inspection team. Ants are a common pest in households that contaminate food and spread disease. Stop ants and save your home with help from an expert exterminator in this free video.

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