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Carpenter ants in my back yard?

I have a Trex deck along with a wood fence in my back yard. The Trex deck is close enough to the ground that there is no way to get underneath it. The last few weeks I have been seeing black ants (larger than sugar ants) crawling along the fence and sometimes on the deck. I am assuming they are carpenter ants? I cant see any type of ant hill or nest that they are going to. (There is a large, open field on the other side of the fence. ) I am worried they are eating the fence or the decking supports, and that they will make their way to my house. Since I cant see where they are coming from or going to, I have no idea what I can do to get rid of them. Any suggestions would be helpful. (Also, I own a dog so any poison ideas have to be safe for pets)

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queen carpenter ants?

We put down poison and all of the worker ants have disappeared. However over the past few days we have seen 1-2 queens/day. We kill them obviously. But, what does this mean? Does it mean the hive has mostly died off and they are searching to find a new place to nest?

and I am looking for an explination….not to be told to call a professional. thanks.

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Carpenter Ants within window.. I suspect there are ants within the window frame. If I bore into the frame do I?

bore through both 2x4s or just one and put the poison between the two. Or what else should I know. I have the boring drill and some dowel for filling the hole afterwards.

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Huge Fire Ants Mound ~

Fire ants are nasty little buggers. They sting or bite or something. Whatever it is, it hurts. SOmeone told me they are deadly. They have poison. I don’t like these little devils, are they from Satan. I also have footage of video from the destruction of another anthill, in high def. If you want to see the Hi-def, they come back later.

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How can I control those red fire ants organically?

These little red ants are terrorizing my yard. Their bites are painful for me and my guests and they climb up some of my plants, like my yellow twig dogwood, and bite off the leaves at the base. I would like to control them organically because I have a dog that is scent driven and will snort up or chew on poison if found. He will notice a weird scent and dig it up.

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how to get rid of carpenter ants in the house and garden naturally

how to get rid of carpenter ants in the house and garden naturally Useful Products To Buy Borax tinyurl.com Diatomaceous Earth tinyurl.com Subscribe www.youtube.com Like & Comment the video I would like to know if it helped Ignore: acrobatic ants acrobat ant…

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Organic One fire ant & tick killer Video made by Fl Dept of Agriculture

For more info call 352-442-0943. Website in video is no longer correct.Video made and produced by Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services.Ticks are NOT and CANNOT become immune to Organic one. Safe around children and pets.To order please email sunniebird@yahoo.com or call 352-442-0943.

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