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The Top Ten Moves of The Colony

Bringing this one back up a bit early, since I intended to get it up when Worker Ant left the wrestling world all too early. However, problems arose, and here it is, finally. The Colony, consisting of Fire Ant, Soldier Ant, and Worker Ant, have been a mainstay in CHIKARA for some time now. Originally, the three were somewhat comedic in their approach to wrestling. As time went on, they gradually became more and more serious, and now, due to the actions of Vin Gerard and his UnStable, as well as Team FIST, the trio has become fully serious in their quest to rid CHIKARA of evil. The three are an incredibly cohesive unit, and utilize double and triple team moves, for the most part. Thanks to GWForums for the Burning Hammer clip.

CHIKARA: Carpenter Ant promo [Cibernetico Increible]

Chikara DVD October 18, 2009 “Cibernetico Increible” – Philadelphia, PA 1. Los Ice Creams vs. The Throwbacks 2. Vin Gerard vs. Ryuichi Kawakami 3. Daizee Haze & Bullfight Sora vs. Sara Del Ray & La Maleriada 4. Sal Rinauro vs. Claudio Castagnoli 5. Icarus, Crossbones & Colin Delaney vs. STIGMA, Chuck Taylor & UltraMantis Black 6. The Roughnecks vs. Osirian Portal 7. Torneo Cibernetico: Mike Quackenbush, Lince Dorado, Player Uno, Soldier Ant, Carpenter Ant, Matt Jackson, Hallowicked & Cheech vs. Jigsaw, Fire Ant, Player Dos, Green Ant, Nick Jackson, Frightmare, Helios & Cloudy